The PROLEUM platform produced the initial issue of digital assets! 

In mid-January 2020, a new version of the PROLEUM blockchain platform was put into commercial operation, and on February 1 the initial issue of tokens was completed on the platform. The issue size amounted to 1 000 000 000 PRL. In the near future, it is planned to use tokens in the loyalty program of the main supplier of the platform - LLC Petroleum Trading. Participants will be able to spend bonuses on payment of discounts on goods, payment of fines for excess standard tanks, as well as for participation in promotions. In the future, after the adoption of legislation on digital assets, token holders will have new opportunities: payment of commissions for transactions on the platform, payment of access to additional platform services, sale of tokens to platform participants, tokens for goods and services within the platform and beyond. 

“In my opinion, it is symbolic that we made an emission on the day of the strategic session of our project. For PROLEUM, emission means another step towards the creation of smart contracts, when the entire transaction cycle from the conclusion of the contract to delivery and payment will be controlled and implemented by the platform. Thanks to this, customers also get great opportunities in the loyalty program of Petroleum Trading LLC, where this year the Petroleum Bonus Tank promotion was launched, the winner of which will receive a whole tank of oil products. So everyone has a great chance to connect to our blockchain platform and seriously win. We are also waiting for the adoption of the law on digital assets in order to expand the scope of their application, ”comments Maxim Dyachenko, partner of Digital Development LLC, a developer and operator of the company PROLEUM.