Members of World Economic Forum (WEF) created six separate "councils of the fourth industrial revolution" for work on rules for new technologies.

Councils intend to help the government agencies to regulate artificial intelligence, pilotless vehicles, a blockchain, drones, the Internet of things and exact medicine. Councils which include more than 200 leaders from the state and private sectors, civil society and scientific community, will regularly meet to review the question of lack of certain rules.

In the report noted that the first meeting of members of councils took place this week in the Center of a forum of the fourth industrial revolution in San Francisco. The WEF promises that these organizations will provide the international exchange of the managements, will eliminate gaps in regulation, will create a common understanding of best practices on regulation and will provide the strategic management.

According to messages, among Co-chair of councils there are the leaders of the Chinese academy of medical sciences, the European Commission, technological giant Microsoft, the vendor of mobile chips of Qualcomm, Uber and the World Bank.