David Gelernter, the large IT specialist, the founder of "Mirror Worlds" David Gelernter, announced the appearance of "Revolution Populi". 

It is a new social network functioning on the blockchain platform with the idea of individual possession of personal data and democratic principle of decision-making.

As the creator reports, rules of this platform will be based on the Constitution of the USA and can be changed only by vote among its users. Also they will own all rights for own data and their content . The aim of "Revolution Populi" is to fight against centralization of the Internet, it designed to expand the possibilities of users in communication among themselves.

Gelernter invites everyone to take part in development of the product. He is sure that after the 5 years there will be new, more technological and "fair" competitors of social network of Zuckerberg. And "Revolution Populi" is designed to become the first signs in this process.